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Imperial Stormtrooper: Shock Trooper Accessory Pack

Imperial Stormtrooper: Shock Trooper Accessory Pack

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Imperial shock troopers, also known as Coruscant shock troopers, and as clone shock- troopers and the Coruscant Guard under the Galactic Republic, were elite stormtroopers who served the Galactic Empire. During the Clone Wars, the shock troopers were specialized clone troopers who served as a security police force on the planet Coruscant, capital of the Republic. Noted for their distinctive red and white clone trooper armor, they supplemented the Senate Guard as bodyguards for galactic senators and Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. In addition to protecting the government facilities and officials of the Galactic Senate, shock troopers specialized in guarding prisons, maintaining civil order as anti-riot police officers, and escorting diplomats for off-world assignments.


  • Blaster Included
  • Helmet Included
  • Breastplate Included
  • Display Plate Included

Minifigure not included!

(Lego Compatible)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rafael Araújo

Very nice minifigure with great detail

Marcelo Xavier

It came within a week and looks just like the photo

Carlos Oliveira

I'm very pleased with the product. I really enjoy purchasing from StarBricks.

Marcela Souza

Great mini figure overall, have nothing to complain about. I’ve bought from them before and every time I’ve bought has been great, can’t wait to buy a gunship from them!

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