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Paz Vizsla Accessory Pack

Paz Vizsla Accessory Pack

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Paz Vizsla was a male human Heavy Infantry Mandalorian from the planet Mandalore who was a member of the Tribe, a part of the Children of the Watch, during the reign of the New Republic, living in a hidden covert on the planet Nevarro. Paz was a member of house Vizsla, and a descendant of Pre Vizsla. Paz had a great disdain for the fallen Galactic Empire and anyone affiliated with it due to the Empire's role in the Great Purge of Mandalore against the Mandalorians. When the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin used Imperial-seized beskar provided to him by the forces of an Imperial remnant to create his armor, Vizsla confronted and fought Djarin for doing business with the Empire. The altercation was broken up by the Tribe's armorer. 


  • Blaster Included
  • Helmet Included
  • Total Body Heavy Armor Included
  • Detailed Jetpack Included
  • Display plate Included

Minifigure not included!

(Lego Compatible)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Clark Hagenes

I'm very pleased with the product. I really enjoy purchasing from StarBricks.

Dalton Brakus

Great mini figure overall, have nothing to complain about. I’ve bought from them before and every time I’ve bought has been great, can’t wait to buy a gunship from them!

Joshua Keeton

Employee Will VomBaur is great also. Thanks for the help.

Austin Minion

Such good quality! In general I think many of the figures face prints could use some work, but the rest is incredible!

Jaron Feil

Awesome minifig

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