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Bad Batch: Echo Accessory Pack

Bad Batch: Echo Accessory Pack

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Echo, originally designated CT-1409 and known as the Hero of Anaxes, was a clone trooper and Corporal who served the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Born on Kamino, Echo was originally identified as CT-21-0408, a cadet of the Domino Squad along with his friends, CT-782 "Hevy," CT-4040 "Cutup," CT-00-2010 "Droidbait," and CT-5555 "Fives," before joining the Bad Batch.

Modification: Cybernetic integration

The Bad Batch (officially designated as Experimental Unit Clone Force 99) were a genetically modified clone force (with the exception of Echo), whose mutations and talents allowed them to execute extremely challenging missions.


  • Blaster Included
  • Helmet Included
  • Breastplate Included
  • Utility Belt Included
  • Droid Arm Included
  • Backpack Included
  • Display Plate Included

Minifigure not included!

(Lego Compatible)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin McGowen
Great product

I love these. I wish they had more available. Some look even better than authentic legos.

Gianni Heller

Better than expected. Great value and printing.

Rhett Glover

Overall would recommend this place

David R

Excellent Detail and Quality

Haleigh Kassulke

The minifigure was very detailed and is one of my son's favorites

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