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B2 Battle Droids x4

B2 Battle Droids x4

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B2-series super battle droids, also known as B2 super battle droids, super battle droids or super droids, were an advanced battle droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Although one model of the B2-series was only equipped with wrist blasters on their right forearm, another was outfitted with wrist blasters on both forearms. Super battle droids were much stronger than their predecessors, and like the updated B1s used by the Confederacy, they did not require a command system to operate, which gave the droids limited independence. However, B2s were designed with simple processors, limiting their ability to formulate strategies. As a result, they relied on organic commanders or tactical droids in order to effectively operate.


  • 4 droids included
  • 2 display plate included

(Lego Compatible)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Logan Waldron

Perfect for an army. I actually think they are better than the Lego brand droid. Only problem is trying to get their feet to connect with the studs. Other than that 👍

Oscar Bernhard

Took a little longer than I'd like (2 weeks) but the price makes it worth it

Oscar Bernhard

Took a little longer than I'd like (2 weeks) but the price makes it worth it

Oswaldo Wiza

Figures of medium quality, there is dirt in plastic, There are rough traces of litters and mold chips.

Joesph Pagac

General Grievous

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