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Gregor Accessory Pack

Gregor Accessory Pack

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Gregor, formerly designated CC-5576-39 but shortened to CC-5576, served as a clone trooper captain of Foxtrot Group, an elite clone commando squad of the Grand Army of the Republic, fighting the Clone Wars.  He was thought to have been killed in an explosion trying to protect Colonel Meebur Gascon and his companions in a firefight against Separatist droids, but survived, although he sustained a traumatic brain injury. After the Clone Wars ended, Gregor was sent by the new Galactic Empire to a secret facility on the planet Daro, where he and other clone commandos were tasked with training the "TK troopers" which were to replace the clones. Gregor quickly realized he wanted out and sent a distress signal to the clone deserter Rex, who was unable to come himself but sent the Bad Batch to rescue him.

Republic Commandos, also known as Clone Commandos, were elite clone troopers who served in the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade. These Clones where know for their elite training and battle effectiveness.

  • Blaster Included
  • Backpack Included
  • Goggles Included
  • Armor Pieces Included
  • Display Plate Included

Minifigure not included!

(Lego Compatible)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dario Hoppe

It was my first time buying anything that is not lego. Thumbs up

Sandy Weissnat

Just what I was looking for thank you so much. The detail is amazing

Irwin Langworth

Nice detail and for in perfectly with my collection.

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